WhatsApp Pink is a new virus targeting WhatsApp users, can take complete control over a victim’s phone

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10 mostly asked questions related to WhatsApp

The CERT-In has issued a new advisory against a set of newly discovered WhatsApp vulnerabilities that allow attackers to remotely execute code on affected devices. 

WhatsApp users have been cautioned about new vulnerabilities detected in the popular instant messaging app that could lead to the breach of sensitive information. The CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) has rated the new vulnerability with a ‘high’ severity rating.

The national cyber attack division responsible for the safety of all Indians’ cyberspace also issued a new advisory on Saturday detailing the risks associated with the new WhatsApp vulnerabilities.

“Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in WhatsApp applications which could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code or access sensitive information on a targeted system,” the advisory said.

whatsApp pink
whatsApp pink

What is the new vulnerability and what does it do?

A cache configuration issue in the application allows attackers to remotely execute code or access sensitive information on a targeted system. Describing the vulnerabilities in detail, the advisory stated that they “exist in WhatsApp applications due to a cache configuration issue and missing bounds check within the audio decoding pipeline.”

What WhatsApp versions are affected?

The new vulnerability has been detected in WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for Android and can affect versions before the v2.21.4.18 update. For iOS users, the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for iOS apps before v2.21.32 has been affected.
Users who are updated to the latest WhatsApp versions on Android and iOS are safe from the vulnerabilities. To ensure users are safe from the newly discovered vulnerability, they can go to the Play Store or App Store and update to the latest versions immediately.

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