StopWatch using Python

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StopWatch using Python

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Today, We are going to see how can we create a StopWatch using Python

For this, we need the tkinter module and Datetime module.

Tkinter is the standard GUI library for Python. Python when combined with Tkinter provides a fast and easy way to create GUI applications.

Datetime module supplies classes to work with date and time. These classes provide a number of functions to deal with dates, times, and time intervals.

To install tkinter module python, type the below command in your terminal–

pip install tkinter 

To install datetime module python, type the below command in your terminal–

pip install datetime 

Source Code With Comments

# Python program to illustrate a stop watch import tkinter as Tkinter from datetime import datetime counter=66600 running=False def counter_label(label): def count(): if running: global counter # To manage the initial delay. if counter==66600: display="Starting..." else: tt=datetime.fromtimestamp(counter) string=tt.strftime("%H:%M:%S") display=string label['text']=display label.after(1000, count) counter+=1 # Triggering the start of the counter. count() # start function of the stopwatch def Start(label): global running running=True counter_label(label) start['state']='disabled' stop['state']='normal' reset['state']='normal' # Stop function of the stopwatch def Stop(): global running start['state']='normal' stop['state']='disabled' reset['state']='normal' running=False # Reset function of the stopwatch def Reset(label): global counter counter=66600 # If rest is pressed after pressing stop. if running == False: reset['state']='disabled' label['text']='Welcome!' # If reset is pressed while the stopwatch is running. else: label['text']='Starting...' root=Tkinter.Tk() root.title("Stopwatch") root.iconbitmap("stopwatch.ico") root.configure(bg="#FFE873") # Fixing the window size. root.minsize(width=250,height=70) label=Tkinter.Label(root,text="Welcome!",fg="#4B8BBE",bg="#FFE873",font="Verdana 30 bold") label.pack() f=Tkinter.Frame(root) start=Tkinter.Button(f,text='Start',width=6,command=lambda:Start(label)) stop=Tkinter.Button(f,text='Stop',width=6,state='disabled',command=Stop) reset=Tkinter.Button(f,text='Reset',width=6,state='disabled',command=lambda:Reset(label)) f.pack(anchor='center',pady=5) start.pack(side="left") stop.pack(side="left") reset.pack(side="left") root.mainloop()
Code language: Python (python)

Output of the StopWatch using Python

Output of the StopWatch using Python
Output of the StopWatch using Python

So, here is our StopWatch. Simple isn’t it?? This is how we have successfully done with the ‘StopWatch using Python’. I hope the ‘Tkinter and DateTime library is now more clear to you and don’t forget to try this code once!!

You can play around with the library, explore more features and even customize it further.

ThankYou Pythoner’s!!!

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