Reliance Jio launches streaming platform JioGamesWatch

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Reliance Jio launches streaming platform JioGamesWatch

Reliance Jio has introduced JioGamesWatch under its JioGames offering — with an aim to bring an immersive and interactive game streaming experience through the click of a button across multiple Jio devices.

Similar to Twitch, JioGamesWatch will offer game-streaming in an easy-to-use, convenient way. “The platform has set its sights on empowering and enabling creators to go live, with any device, under low Latency, and showcase the best of their content to millions of viewers,” Jio said in a press release.

JioGamesWatch will support cross-platform availability and users with the JioGames app will be able to stream directly on their Android or iOS smartphone as well as a Jio set-top-box.

Users will be able to subscribe to their favourite content creators and never miss an update. Meanwhile, creators will be able to engage with viewers through eSports events.  Mobile users will also be able to stream content in FHD and HD resolutions.

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