Print emojis using python without any module

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Print emojis using python without any module

In this, article you will learn how to print emojis using python without any module.

In python we have a module named as emoji which can be used to print the emojis, but we can also print emojis using python without help of that emoji module.

What is UniCode ?

an international encoding standard for use with different languages and scripts, by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value that applies across different platforms and programs.

Every emoji has it’s own specific unicode. So we can use that unicode in our python code to print the emoji.

Unicode of any emoji contains one ‘+’ symbol, first we need to replace that symbol by three times ZERO (000).

Now we just have to place that code in print statement with the prefix as backward slash as shown below,

print('\unicode with replaced + as 000')

Code Print emojis using python

print('\U0001F602') print('\U0001F605') print('\U0001F60D') print('\U0001F92A') print('\U0001F92B')
Code language: PHP (php)



List of Emoji with Meaning and Unicode.

Smiley Face Emojis
🙂Slightly smiling faceU+1F642
😀Smiling faceU+1F600
😃Smiling face with big eyesU+1F603
😄Smiling face with smiling eyesU+1F604
😁Beaming face with smiling eyesU+1F601
😅Smiling face with tearsU+1F605
😆Grinning faceU+1F606
🤣Rolling on the floor laughingU+1F923
😂Lauging with tearsU+1F602
🙃Upside down faceU+1F643
😉Winking faceU+1F609
😊Smiling face with smiling eyesU+1F60A
😇Smiling face with haloU+1F607
😎Smiling face with sunglassesU+1F60E
🤓Nerdy faceU+1F913
🧐Face with monocleU+1F9D0
🥳Partying faceU+1F973
Emotional Faces
🥰Smiling face with heartsU+1F970
😍Smiling face with heart eyesU+1F60D
😘Face blowing kissU+1F618
😗Kissing faceU+1F617
Smiling faceU+263A
😚Kissing face with closed eyesU+1F61A
😙Kissng face with smiling eyesU+1F619
🥲Smiling face with tearsU+1F972
Faces with Tongue Emojis
😋Yummy faceU+1F60B
😛Face with tongueU+1F61B
😜WInking face with tongueU+1F61C
🤪Zanny faceU+1F92A
😝Squinting face with tongueU+1F61D
🤑Money face with money tongueU+1F911
Faces with Hands Emojis
🤭Face with hand in mouthU+1F92D
🤫Shushing faceU+1F92B
🤔Thinkin faceU+1F914
Neutral Faces Emojis
😐Neutral faceU+1F610
🤐Zipped mouthU+1F910
🤨Face with raised eyebrowU+1F928
😑Expressionless faceU+1F611
😶Face with no mouthU+1F636
😏Smirking faceU+1F60F
😒Unamused faceU+1F612
🙄Face with rolling eyesU+1F644
😬Grimacing faceU+1F62C
😮‍💨Grimacing faceU+1F4A8
🤥Lying faceU+1F925
Sleepy Faces Emojis
😪Sleepy faceU+1F62A
😴Sleeping faceU+1F634
😌Relieved faceU+1F60C
😔Pensive faceU+1F614
🤤Drooling faceU+1F924
Sick Faces Emojis
😷Face with maskU+1F637
🤒Face with thermometerU+1F912
🤕Face with bandageU+1F915
🤢Nauseous faceU+1F922
🤮Vomiting faceU+1F92E
🤧Sneezing faceU+1F927
🥵Hot faceU+1F975
🥶Cold faceU+1F976
🥴Woozy faceU+1F974
😵Face with crossed-out faceU+1F635
🤯Face with exploding headU+1F92F
Concerned Faces Emojis
😕Confused faceU+1F615
😟Worried faceU+1F61F
🙁Slightly frowning faceU+1F641
Frowning faceU+2639
😮Face with open mouthU+1F62E
😯Hushed faceU+1F62F
😲Astonished faceU+1F632
😳Flushed faceU+1F633
🥺Begging faceU+1F97A
😦Frowning face with open mouthU+1F626
😧Angushed faceU+1F627
😨Fearful faceU+1F628
😰Anxious face with sweatU+1F630
😥Sad but relieved faceU+1F625
😢Crying faceU+1F622
😭Loudly crying faceU+1F62D
😱Screaming faceU+1F631
😖Confounded faceU+1F616
😣Persevering faceU+1F623
😞Disapointed faceU+1F61E
😓Downcast face with sweatU+1F613
😩Weary faceU+1F629
😫Tired faceU+1F62B
🥱Yawning faceU+1F971
Negative Faces
😤Face with steamU+1F624
😡Pouting faceU+1F621
😠Angry faceU+1F620
🤬Face with symbols on mouthU+1F92C
😈Smiling face with hornsU+1F608
👿Angry face with hornsU+1F47F
Skull and cross-boneU+2620
Costume Faces Emojis
💩Pile of pooU+1F4A9
👾Alien monsterU+1F47E
Cat Faces Emojis
😺Grinnig catU+1F63A
😸Grinning cat with smiling eyesU+1F638
😹Grinning cat with tearsU+1F639
😻Smiling cat with heart eyesU+1F63B
😼Cat with wry smileU+1F63C
😽Kissing catU+1F63D
🙀Weary catU+1F640
😿Crying catU+1F63F
😾Pouting catU+1F63E
Monkey Faces Emojis
🙈See no evil monkeyU+1F648
🙉Hear no evil monkeyU+1F649

For more Unicode emoji character.

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