Characteristics of DBMS

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Characteristics of DBMS are as follows:

A modern DBMS has the following characteristics :

  1. Less redundancy –
    DBMS follows the rules of normalization which is a mathematically rich and scientific process that reduces data redundancy.
  2. Consistency –
    DBMS helps to achieve consistency as compared to earlier forms of data storing applications like file-processing systems.
  3. Query Language –
    It is more efficient to retrieve and manipulate data. Traditionally it was not possible where file-processing system was used.
  4. Isolation of data and application –
    DBMS also stores metadata, which is data about data, to ease its own process.
  5. Relation-based tables –
    DBMS allows entities and relations among them to form tables.
  6. Multiuser and Concurrent Access –
    DBMS supports multi-user environment and allows them to access and manipulate data in parallel.
  7. ACID Properties –
    DBMS follows the concepts transactions, i.e., ACID properties : Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.
  8. Multiple views –
    DBMS offers multiple views for different users for same table or group of tables.
  9. Security –
    DBMS offers many different levels of security features, which enables multiple users to have different views with different features.

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